How getting feedback works

  1. Submit your website
  2. We hand pick five people from our army of reviewers to look at your site
  3. They look at your site and give their general thoughts while recording their screen and voice, and answer our standard questions about your site
  4. You get notified when the videos are available (usually 24 to 48 hours)
  5. Watch your feedback videos and learn how to improve your site!
  • What if I don't think the feedback is helpful?

    I'm so certain that it will help you, that I'll refund you in full if you don't like the feedback or don't find it helpful. Money back guarantee.

The Questions We Ask, and Why

  • What do you think this site offers?

    You know what your site does, but visitors may not. Make sure that your business offering is actually clear to people.
  • Do you trust this site? Why or why not?

    Trust is crucial. If people don't trust your site, they won't buy. They'll just leave immediately. Learn what keeps people from trusting you, fix it, and see better sales immediately.
  • If you had a magic wand, how would you improve the site?

    Fresh opinions of your site gives you novel ideas how to improve it, and by asking the "magic wand" questions, it lets reviewers get really creative and original in their suggestions.
  • What confused you most about this site?

    "The confused mind takes no action" and this applies to websites too. By finding and reducing the confusing aspects, whether they are in the copy or the imagery, you'll see better conversion rates.
  • What do you think of the name, appearance and branding of this site?

    Find out what people really think of how your site looks, and if you should refine it or radically change it.

Why get video feedback?

  • Improve trust on your site
  • Find out what confuses people
  • Increase your site's revenue
  • Learn how to improve your site
  • Find out what your site is missing
  • Stop missing out on sales
  • See your site through fresh eyes
  • Find new ideas to add
  • Learn what people think of how your site looks
  • Get unbiased opinions easily
  • Find what can keep people from buying
  • Improve your conversion rates

Order video feedback of your site today

Reviewers spend five minutes looking over your site, recording their screen and their voice as they talk through your site and answer powerful questions while giving feedback

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